16. leden 2017 / Tým IDE

Digitization and Society

The Anglo-American University organized a seminar on challenges of digital revolution and Chair of the Institute Ms. Adamcova was invited as speaker. 

Hot topics of current public discussion were presented: Industry 4.0, i.e. data exchange and automation in manufacturing, transformation of the nature of work and employment, the rapid spread of digitization and robotization and how they accelerate economic, social and cultural changes. 

Following questions were discussed: How much are we ready? How can artists, social scientists, citizens and policy makers be proactive rather than reactive in facing this challenge?

Ms. Adamcova pointed out that among the challenges of digital revolution for the Czech Republic is not only to support the digital sector as such but as well to help traditional (manufacturing) industries to benefit from it.

Among the general challenges are:

  • Future work (robotization, automatization)
  • Future mobility (driverless cars, drones, hyperloop) 
  • Future transport infrastructure (for driverless vehicles) 
  • Future digital infrastructure (big data)
  • Future security (digital and physical)
Further, it will be crucial to make education enough flexible to be able to react on emerging technologies, prepare citizens and companies for digital challenges , prepare reasonable regulation of so far unregulated digital sector knowing that Internet has no borders and last but not least bear in mind the danger of social exclusion of those who have limited access to Internet or digital competencies .

Ms. Adamcova indicated as very important strategic discussion about the future scenarios of digital revolution among entrepreneurs, politicians, academicians, artists and all other relevant groups. Then one has to prepare for the future.

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