Cultural and creative industries

It is current international trend to discuss how culture influences economic growth. In the global economy, importance of cultural and creative industries (CCI) increases. The European Commission responded to this trend by placing CCI among EU’s development priorities. The estimated share of CCI’s GDP in the EU is 5%. Creativity and innovation as main drivers of knowledge and skills are crucial conditions for any successful business. CCI is a field that generates ideas, innovation and know-how for enterprises. However, their benefits not only concern business but they concern the society as such. The latest studies prove measurably positive impact of culture on innovation, health, responsibility such as waste sorting or life in municipalities.

Historically, the Czech Republic has always been a highly industrialized country. However, after the economic transformation after the communist era it is sure that some traditional industrial field are unrestorable. Many structurally affected regions prove this point. That is why the Czech Republic deserved to use the potential of emerging industries for diversification of its economy, because the country is strong in producing sophisticated software, applications, games etc., thus digital products that are closely connected to CCI or are a direct part of it. Besides that, CCI are fascinating with their ability of capitalize country’s cultural heritage and work with country’s identity, for example in fashion, product design or in digital technologies who need CCI as a source for digital content (movies, art..).

Study – Potential of digital economy and cultural and creative industries for further development and competitiveness of the Czech Republic.

These are cultural and creative industries


cinema, video, TV, radio, animation, games, intermedia, visual arts, light design, photography, advertisement, publishing (print and digital), digital content platforms (www, mobiCREATIVEle applications)


architecture, design (fashion, product, industrial), art handicrafts, gastronomy


music, theatre, dance, intermedia performance


museums, galleries, libraries, archives, digital archives