17. leden 2017 / Jana Adamcová

Third "Creative Coffee"

The third "Creative Coffee" was dedicated to animation industry. We were invited to the animation company Animation People where we could visit the set, where cartoons are being produced.

We were informed that while every 30th movie is an animated movie, it is viewed by every fourth viewer. The reason is simple: cartoons are usually visited by whole families. 

The Czech Republic has a rich tradition of animation industry. Its origins have here techniques as cutout animation  or puppet animation that presented to the world the Czech artists Jiří Trnka and Břetislav Polar. And so, while till 1949 animation movies were only grotesque, the above mentioned Czech artists opened space for all new genres. 

Recently the Association of Czech Animation Film finishes a study on status and future of Czech animation industry. It will be presented in a special article. 

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