10. březen 2022 / Jana Adamcová

Bohemian Perfection starts

The Bohemian Perfection project, supported by Norwegian funds, starts in March 2022. It is a platform strengthening individuals and entities in the field of traditional crafts, their interdisciplinary cooperation and networking with actors in applied design and tourism. 

The first flagship of the project will be a presentation of student works from the Faculty of Architecture of the Czech Technical University, based on traditional Czech craftsmanship. The Rhea wicker cradle, which was created within the project, received the main prize of the CTU Olověný Dušan competition of studio works. The Yukiita Dust Surf received a nomination. The unique presentation at the Old Town Hall, which will open on March 22, highlights the appeal of forgotten crafts in modern manufacturing. The event will take place in collaboration with Prague City Tourism, a joint stock company that supports the involvement of Prague's top creatives in presenting Prague's brand as a cultural and premium destination. 

The term Bohemian Perfection is used with the kind permission of Lasvit. "What we stand for at Lasvit is bohemian perfection: bohemian creativity and perfectionism at the same time. It sounds like an oxymoron - one can hardly be a bohemian and a perfectionist. But I just like the contradiction," Leon Jakimic told Forbes magazine in 2017.