11. říjen 2022 / Tým IDE

The Bohemian Perfection project won the Designblok Award 2022

Atelier Jaroš/Bednář, Institute of Design, CTU FA in Prague and project Bohemian Perfection won the Designblok Award 2022 for the project and the best school presentation. As part of the project, young designers collaborated with carefully selected craftsmen to develop products that could enrich the offer of their workshops. Here, craft, handmade products, traditional processes or natural materials did not serve as inspiration but predetermined the designers' work. This is why they did not create gallery artefacts, but in several cases real products with added value.

Thus, the iconic powderboard was born - a freeride powder surfboard designed by Petr Brancusky for the Jasanky.cz manufactory producing ash skis. In February, a special expedition rigorously tested the powderboard in the harsh environment of the Romanian mountains. Tereza Horičková's wicker cradle, designed and developed in cooperation with basket maker Petr Kral, a master of the folk craft tradition, won the absolute victory in the competition for the student prize "Leaden Dušan".

organized by the Faculty of Architecture of the Czech Technical University. The Danzinger family blueprint manufactory was a partner to textile designers who experimented with different methods of reduction dyeing or printing fabrics. The young designers thus reacted to the fact that the manual production of printing moulds was on the verge of extinction...

Atelier Jaroš/Bednář, Institute of Design, CTU FA in Prague is one of six design studios at the Faculty of Architecture. Its domain is product design in all its forms and its leaders Jan Jaroš and Miroslav Bednář bring their students into close contact with manufacturers and their technologies. "The possibility of cooperation with family-owned manufactories or craft workshops realized within the framework of the project Bohemian Perfection, which is carried out by the Institute for Digital

Economy, was a challenge and a learning experience that was mutually enriching. The synergy created between the young designers and manufacturers materialized in designs, several of which the manufacturers incorporated into their production program," said Jan Jaroš.

The aim of the Bohemian Perfection project, supported by EEA funds, is to create a digital hub that connects the bearers of traditional crafts with fashion and home accessories producers and designers. Through it, we can stimulate the creation of sustainable products with added value based on artisanal practices, natural materials, traditional ornament or morphology, and

thus helping to secure the future of craft production. "The main goal of the project is to create a digital platform - a crossroads where traditional artisans and producers of fashion, textiles and home accessories can meet and collaborate," explains Michaela Kádnerová, art historian, dramaturge of the platform and co-author of the project. She adds: "It will be a kind of 'digital ÚLUV', i.e. the Centre for Folk Art Production, which played the role of producer for many decades before the Velvet Revolution and thus enabled the highly

quality handicraft products to penetrate the market and find many customers. By presenting at Designblok, we wanted to show what products resulting from such a connection can look like."

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