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Cultural and Creative Industries

One of recently discussed international trends is the influence of culture on economical growth. The imporatnce of cultural and creative industries (CCI) is increasing, which can be observed in the position of European Commission. The EC considers CCI to be a development priority. There is no exact methodology of measuring CCI's contribution to the national GDP. However, there are estimations speaking about 5% contribution of CCI do the EU GDP.

Cutlural and Creative Industries

Creativity and innovation are the main knowledge and skills drivers and key condition to business success. Institute for Digital Economy perceives the need of supporting CCI as ideas, innovations and know-how generator for companies. Therefore we try to enforce CCI to national strategies and policies, because CCI effects not only business and industry, but the whole society as well (there are studies showing measurable influence of culture to peoples' health). The Czech Republic has a long tradition of heavy industry. However, many regions of our country are suffering from unemployment and we cannot believe in resurrection of all traditional heavy industries. The Czech Republic should support the development of new industries, especially the cultural and creative. We have many successful companies producing sophisticated software solutions, applications, games etc. 

The European Commission divides CCI into four parts:

  • Core arts areas: performing arts, visual arts, cultural and architectural heritage and, literature.
  • Cultural industries: film, DVD and video, television and radio, video games, new media, music, books and press
  • Creative industries: industries which use culture as an input, including architecture, advertising, design and fashion.

All above mentioned areas are interconnected and have to be regarted as a chain of coherent activities.

You can find more on CCI on the web of European Commission, Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic and its Arts Institute.

http://ec.europa.eu/culture/our-policy-development/cultural-and-creative-industries_en.htm (in English)

http://www.mkcr.cz/evropska-unie/dokumenty-evropske-komise/default.htm (in Czech language)

http://www.idu.cz/cs/kreativni-prumysly (in Czech language)

Kulturní a kreativní průmysly
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