26. prosinec 2013 / IDE

Long-term Development and Trends in Digital Economy

Digital economy has an increasing impact on all business fields: IT, telecommunications, media, retail, education, finances and banking and many others. The internationalization of Czech companies is necessary for their potential success on global market. What they need from their state are good legislative conditions for doing business. They cannot be discriminated compared with foreing companies operating on the Internet. They need enough competent human resources who would be at least at the level of their international competitors.

The technological development connected with applying of information technologies creates new opportunities for economy of the whole country and for all companies. The digital economy era brings an enormous growth in the area of games, especially educational games (btw., a new eduacational era is ahead of us), digital processing of intangible heritage, augmented reality and of course the all segment of e-commerce and social networks.

Fulfilling the above mentioned opportunities needs required environment, needs and atmosphere. Our Institute intends to draw attention to trends whose ignoring jeperdises long-term development posibilities of companies. The early monitoring of these movements on international level are the key role of our Institute. 

The document of the Czech government called "Digital Czech Republic v. 2.0. - Road to Digital Economy" introduces the strategy of the Czech Republic for the field of digital economy. Its content, changes and implementation in real life require constant attention from private sector community, especially because of the speed of digital economy development. Without regular and substantive communication about this strategy there will be no good results for the companies. 


Digitální ekonomika