23. březen 2016 / IDE

Net Neutrality Workshop

Second workshop on Digital Single Market organized with he support of Konrad Adenauer Stifutng concerned the topic of net neutrality. The audience weren't telco operators this time but digital content companies (televisions, news webs, search enginges etc.). The discussion was about the impact of new EU  Regulation on net neturality towards the Czech market.

The Regulation will be activ in all EU countries from April 30, 2016 and it applies all new contracts. Article 4 of the new regulation instructs content and service providers to inform the customer for example about privacy, data protection or quality of the services. The customer contract must contain: 

  • an explanation of data size limitation,
  • an explanation of special services like IPTV,
  • an explanation of download and upload speed,
  • an explanation of aberrations from advertised data speed,
  • an explanation of customers correction tool.

The association of EU regulators BEREC has to present rules on common EU methodology of net neutrality regulation before August 30, 2016. First proposal of this methodology should be presented on June 6, 2016. Among very important topics is so called zero-rating, i.e. situation when the telco operator doesn't charge the transmitted data of his own or his friends webs, applications or services. Or if he provides these webs, applications or services with a higher data limit. 

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