11. září 2016 / IDE

Radical atoms: Linz Festival

As each year our partner institute Ars Electronica organized a unique media art festival. It presentsed projects of collaborations between scientists, artists, creatives and designers. This year's motto was Radical Atoms and the Alchymists of Our Time". Among other shows, the world record in simultaneosly flying drons happened.

During the festival people could have visited the grand concert night and listen to both classic and electronic music accompanied by computer generated visualisations. Several symposiums were held, dealing with the question who are the people that shape our future. The best works were presented in Cyber Arts exhibition - works awarded by Prix Ars Electronica 2016. The winner was a German team who developed a prototype of a special insoles that is able to detect balance in shoes of people with amputated legs and alerts them in cases they lose their balance.

Among other exhibitions let's mention Radical Atoms, Alchemists of Our Time or Create Your World. Fantastic and globally unique experience was the Deep Space 8K where 3D shows are running in the world highest resolution. 

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